Graphic Designer at LendingTree

LendingTree is an online business platform which helps consumers compare and shop finance options from a large network of lenders, banks, insurers, and credit partners.

I worked with product managers, designers, and software developers to ideate and design new ads for LendingTree's Digital Marketing Channels.

Display Advertisements

I designed Display ads to be developed into HTML5 banners and tested by the Marketing team across Display ad networks. 

Using the data garnered from these tests, I iterated upon designs with the goal of improving metrics such as viewer engagement, click-through rates, impressions,
conversion rates, and revenue.

Design Systems & Accessibility

To streamline our team’s design process, I built a working UI library to manage the dozens of new design components being tested every week. 

After auditing our Display ad design system against current web accessibility guidelines, I refreshed our UI library with updated color palettes and elements.

LendingTree x Upgrade Card 

I was challenged to brainstorm concepts for the LendingTree Win Card, a credit card that leverages the flexibility of a personal loan to offer customers encompassing a broad range of credit scores, cash back rewards with no annual fee.

Before the card’s name was finalized, the team floated around names speaking to the brand’s association with greenery, trees, and growth. To focus my design more, I chose ‘Emerald Card’ from our list of potential names and pulled inspiration from fractal patterns found within emeralds.

Paid Social Ads

I also designed Paid Social ads tested on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

I worked with ongoing brand campaigns and analyzed performance data to help amplify the LendingTree brand identity across social platforms.