Finge Typeface

Finge is a decorative typeface inspired by human fingerprints and art nouveau scroll motifs.

The typeface is downloadable here and has accumulated over 4,000 users. 

Design a modular typeface, constructed from a set of geometric shapes or modules.

Initial ConceptsAfter experimenting with simple, primary forms, I decided against designing a sans serif. I wondered whether it would be possible to break a decorative typeface down into modules that could be used to build out a legible character set.  

Found snippets of blackletter and art nouveau typefaces, fingerprints and ink marks 

Design Trials & Refinements The swashes and curliques I came across while pulling inspiration reminded me of the loops, whorls and arches of inked fingerprints. 

Final DesignI designed the modules and letterforms in Illustrator and used Fontforge to create the final typeface.